DDIW: The Litter Spinner Box

DDIW: The Litter Spinner Box

(WOIO) - Got Cats? You probably have a litter problem. The makers of a product called the Litter Spinner claim this is the litter box that cleans itself. You ask Danielle…Does it Work?

Cat owners will do anything for their kitties. However, most cat owners can admit when it comes to that litter box if the smell isn't enough to kill them then the cleanup will especially if you have more than one cat.

This is where the littler Spinner comes in and claims to save the day, or at least this part of it. The innovative tub design and sifter makes it easy to clean your cats litter in seconds. It is said to be a litter box that basically cleans itself. But does this actually happen as it claims?

The Lake County Humane Society agrees to take it for a spin, literally. "They'll look at anything that makes cleaning less of a chore," said Marketing director, Mandy Osborne.

Setting it up was a cinch. All you have to do is screw it together, slide it in the collection tray, pour in the litter of choice and you're ready to roll.

But as many pulled out the tray we did indeed see the clumps, just like they advertised but shelter operation manager Jennifer Speery did see room for improvement. "I would like to see the hole a little bigger for cats," said Speery.

Unlike the instructions claim, they disagreed that just "any" litter would do.  Clumpy litter proved to work better with this litter box.

Overall, the Lake County Humane Society thought the Litter Spinner was the cat's meow.

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