43 Forum: Empowering Women

43 Forum: Empowering Women

(WOIO) - Women Entrepreneurs of America (WEA) was founded as an organization in the city of Cleveland to empower, and support women entrepreneurs struggling to get their businesses off the ground or simply to get a job.

Here in this county alone, every year, we bring some 6,000 people back from the federal, state and local prisons and oftentimes they can't find jobs because of felonies or their records, and people not ranting to give them a second chance. WEA helps women find jobs and also provide them the resources to create jobs.

The beauty about being financially stable to provide your own resources is a goal of WEA. This organization helps provide the tools to build grass roots companies and resources necessary to showcase talents needed to gain employment for those in search.

Having the ability to provide for oneself helps build esteem and encourages other women to get out and get themselves together. WEA continues to develop a growing network of women that support the achievement of woman who look to lift themselves up out of their current situations, to become stronger in finances and to become empowered to accomplish their desired goals and meet their needs.

Sole of a Woman Expo is a women empowerment event coming to Cleveland on March 3rd 2013. The theme of this event is "walk in my shoes". The expo is designed to uplift, inspire and make women feel good about them. It's a day for women to connect and have fun with one another.

Sole of a Woman is the brain child of a production company called Urban Madness and of all people a guy that had a vision that he wanted to see women connect and be stronger and rise to the top. The vision was for women to know they are bold and beautiful, greater in numbers, they are elegant and strong and brave, they're sole of a woman.

More information can be seen about the event online at http://www.soleofawoman.com/.