New protection for RTA drivers

New protection for RTA drivers

19 Action News got a first look at what you might see on every RTA bus. The agency is testing ways to protect drivers.  The first one is already on the streets.

If passengers get on the number 20 line they'll notice that the driver is protected by a shield.

RTA is testing the shield after recent attacks on drivers made headlines.

Cell phone video showed one driver giving a woman an uppercut.  He said he did so because she got out of control.

Barbara frame, a 23 year vet says that she's glad to be one of the first drivers to test this.

"I feel safer with it. I love it. I love the feeling that it's there.  I like the feeling no one can come up behind me without coming over the glass shield," says Frame.

Union leaders have been pushing for new safety measures.

"This is the first of two versions we found with transit systems throughout the country," says RTA spokesperson Mary Shaffer.

RTA says it's planning to try a different shield too. See which one driver's like best.

Riders seem to like it also especially with their safety in the hands of the drivers.

RTA is still deciding if the shields will go in every bus and adding up the cost too.

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