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Preparing for the bitter blast rolling in

Lakewood Hardware, space heaters Lakewood Hardware, space heaters

"No I'm not ready for the cold," says Christian Miller who moved back home to Lakewood from Florida a couple of months ago and isn't looking forward to the big chill heading our way.

Come next week 30 degrees will feel warm compared to the teens and single digits Jeff Tanchak is predicting. We haven't seen that kind of drop in a while.

"Right now I'm keeping it on 75 until I get the first bill, and once I get the first bill and it bankrupts me and then I'll have to turn that down a notch. I would like to keep it around sixty five, but, I just can't live in that weather," explains Miller.

Lakewood Hardware expects a rush of customers in the next few days. Owner Glenn Palmer says they will be picking up everything from salt to firewood along with plenty of space heaters.

In fact Palmer tells us he's discounted the prices on overstocked heaters to try to clear the shelves. "The phone rings off the hook. Do we have them? And then they wait to see if the cold is going to stick and then they come in they trickle in and buy them," he says.

Fire crews are on alert. They tell us when the temperatures drop, they get a lot more calls with more people overloading their circuits at home, and that can be a fatal mistake.

As for Miller, se says he'll overdress to try to adjust to the cold. "I do have my thermals on underneath, and I have four layers underneath my coat," says Miller.

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