City of Cleveland crews ready for snow

City of Cleveland crews ready for snow

Winter has returned! While much of the heavy snow is predicted for east of the city this week, Cleveland's crews are prepared for the weather.

The City of Cleveland says that currently, 27 crews are on the job to keep the main thoroughfares passable throughout the day and overnight tonight. The Division of Streets currently has over 17,000 tons of salt, and 30,000 gallons of environmentally friendly liquid de-icer on-hand to cover 53 routes around the city.

As always, their goal is to have all streets serviced within 24 to 36 hours from when snow stops falling, depending on the actual amount of snow fall.

Severe cold weather calls for caution. Residents are encouraged to dress in layers and limit exposure to the weather. Check on neighbors, especially senior citizens who may need assistance. Take care of pets, limiting their time outside.

Additional information:

The primary and secondary roads throughout the city are currently in good condition and traffic has been moving effectively throughout the city.

Residents with snow removal concerns should call (216) 664-2510.

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