President Barack Obama Sworn in - but Who in Cleveland is Watching?

President Barack Obama Sworn in - but Who in Cleveland is Watching?

For President Barack Obama supporters in Cleveland, a second term in the White House is something they are excited to see.

"I think he really did deserve these next four years to continue the progress of making more change," said Daejamoni Love of Cleveland.

"I voted for him the first time and the second time," said a beaming Gayle Cook of Cleveland.

Inauguration Festivities are underway in Washington. The fact that January 20th falls on a Sunday this year meant that the actually Inauguration took place in the Oval office without the thousands of people looking on in a way we are used to seeing.

President Obama taking the oath of office for the second time seem to come and go without much pomp and circumstance here, but most supporters tell us they'll be watching the festivities tomorrow.

"Did you know that the Inauguration was formally today? No - I didn't," said another Obama supporter we talked to.

We did find that even those that supported Mitt Romney and said they wouldn't be watching the Inaugural festivities are now looking forward the next four years - hoping things improve for all Americans.

"I'm hoping the economy gets better and people get jobs," said Taylor Shannon.  She says she wanted Mitt Romney to win.

What do the President's supporters hope they will see in the next four years?

"Change, more jobs, better jobs. A lot of change needed," said India Bryant of Cleveland.

"I would like him to continue change. It's something that we need in America. It's not going to happen overnight," added Love.

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