Windy Winter Weather Leaves Many Without Power

Windy Winter Weather Leaves Many Without Power

RAVENNA, OH (WOIO) - It's been a long day for some folks in Ravenna who don't have power.

"It has been freezing since four o'clock this morning," said resident Kelly Dewitt.

As the bitter cold descends upon all of us, dozens there have been without heat for hours.

"We're heading over to my moms. It got entirely too cold in there. We tried to stick it out," said Dewitt.

A utility pole on Locust Land came crashing down, taking down four transformers with it. Some heard it in the middle of the night and knew it was going to be bad.

"My sister heard the pole fall and then she saw the light. She called the Sheriff's Department and they told us to stand by they might have to evacuated because there were live lines," said one resident.

And in Gates Mills, a massive tree on Chagrin River Road took out a power line, leaving dozens in the dark.

Generators hummed at a few households, but mostly, residents have retreated from their increasingly colder homes.

Utility repair crews are also battling the bitter temps, while working to put the lights and the heat back on these neighborhoods.  But most customers aren't willing to wait it out indefinitely.

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