Double dipping councilman's attendance records

Double dipping councilman's attendance records

19 Action News is digging deeper to find out if you're getting your money's worth out of a double-dipping Cleveland councilman.

Ken Johnson has been making headlines since he retired at the end of last December, only to be sworn back into office days later, earning more than $70,000 a year on top of his pension.

We checked on councilman Johnson's attendance and looked at his record for pushing new laws. A council spokesman says last year Johnson made 31 of 33 full council meetings.

But when it comes to committee meetings held last year,  we found Johnson only made five out of 10 aviation committee meetings, two out of six for the employment committee and five of nine meetings on the legislation committee.

Last week a committee discussed a new law to restrict where city workers live. Our crews stopped in during the heart of the debate, and we found Johnson missing from that meeting as well.

Johnson chairs the parks committee, and records show he attended all of those meeting. But that committee only met four times in 2012.

Meantime, the council says Johnson has had his hands in lots of legislation. We checked those records as well, and found most of the bills came at the request of city hall to collect grants or to hire contractors. Other legislation was for resolutions with groups of council members.

Johnson didn't hide from his double-dipping debacle. When he was sworn back into office, he told us he wanted to finish what he started as a councilman in 1980.

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