You would think the #1 cause of Road Rage would be 'BEEP BEEP" or "Hey Jerk get out of the way" but it's not. The #1 cause is all the weaving and sliding in and out of traffic you did this morning.

You all must have loved the drive into work.... slick roads, slow traffic and people not always paying attention.

We saw one driver almost getting clipped by a snow plow.

Mike Brown who drives a semi truck all over North East Ohio knows all about seeing driver's near misses, accidents and every now and then... a little road rage.

Brown told our Scott Taylor "I see it all the time but being a defensive driver I am fortunate not to have road rage."

Road rage for some is like a defensive reflex. A fear that turns quickly into aggravation and then you over respond.

The key to avoiding it? Practice staying calm no matter what happens while you are behind the wheel.

Cleveland Clinic Doctor Scott Pea says "Image a provoking scene of a driver maybe cutting in front of you. Let that happen as vividly as you can. Second step is to image your haywire reaction to it. See your heart rate pick up, your muscles get tight having a whole set of agitated thoughts go through your head and then maybe some agitated verbalization or behaviors. Suspend that image and replace it with an image of how you'd like to see yourself respond."

The big road rage triggers.... drivers cutting-in or weaving in traffic is number one and is followed by speeding and those wonderful but hostile displays from other drivers.

A final point!!!!  Road rage causes nearly half of all the accidents out on the roads.