Man drops over 200 pounds

Man drops over 200 pounds

(WOIO) - An Oregon man watched his dad beat cancer only to die of liver disease, and then turned that tragedy into a new lease on life for himself.

"I was more than fat, I was morbidly obese," said Mark Eisenhart. "I weighed 455 pounds!"

At rock bottom three years ago, now 43-year-old Eisenhart knew he had to, in his words, climb or die. He made a pledge to climb.

"I am going to make getting and staying healthy my highest priority or I'm going to die trying," Eisenhart said.

"I had 20 verifiable states of disease - diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, PTSD. I wasn't living I was dying."

"In one year, without surgery, I dropped 215 lbs and completely eradicated all 20 states of disease - cold."

215 pounds in one year with a plant based whole foods diet, exercise and meditation.

Now, Eisenhart has hit the speaking circuit reaching an estimated 20 million with his story, is a model and actor, and is working on his own documentary. The epidemic of obesity squarely in the crosshairs of his inspirational attack.

"Time to rattle the cages," Eisenhart said. "Gotta do things that are extraordinary to get people's attention and want others to benefit from my experience."

Eisenhart now determined to lose more - from 249 to 210 pounds this June and going for the cover of Men's Magazine. He is scheduled to speak in Cleveland in March.

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