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East Side slammed with snow

Lake County traffic jam Lake County traffic jam

East side drivers finally got some relief after more than three hours of total grid lock in both directions of Interstate 90 approaching State Route 44. It's now opened back up after a dangerous day on the highway.

There were extended white out conditions in stretches of Willoughby, Kirtland Hills and Concord. Drivers said the weather turned on them quickly.

"About five miles back there was no snow on the road, here it's snowing...just like a light switch," said one driver.

Relentless snow slowed traffic to a standstill or a crawl at best. It made visibility difficult, and no doubt was responsible for countless fender benders and more serious wrecks on the highway.

"It's been pretty scary this last couple miles til I could get off the road here," said trucker John Blythe.

Plows tried to keep up , but the wind undid a lot of their hard work. The conditions making the ride to work difficult for some. For others, their work itself, even harder out in this weather.

"The travel time slows you down and then you have to work out side and it slows you down. You're constantly putting gloves on and off, coats on and off," said window repairman, Ken Mauser.

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