Cold weather car trouble

Cold weather car trouble

The snow, ice and bitter temps are not only hard on us but our cars too.

A lot of people were left stranded Wednesday night so 19 Action News spent a little time with an AAA worker who's been at it since 5:00 AM.

Like so many motorists, Joanne Bohr needed a helping hand from AAA. Actually, she needed help twice.

"Earlier today when my car wouldn't start they jumped it and I got home. And I thought I might need a new battery because I've had the car for awhile and the battery has never been replaced. So they came out and tested it and indeed I needed a new battery," said Joanne Bohr.

AAA's Bill Dycus is the man who came to the rescue.

"This cold weather snap has taken a toll on batteries and we're out here jumping cars left and right," said AAA's Bill Dycus.

Dycus should know. He's been working to help motorists like Joanne for more than 13 hours.

"Hurray, hurray my money is well spent. I don't know what I'd do without 'em because I'd have to get a tow truck. So I would not be without Triple A," exclaimed Bohr.

But Dycus isn't alone on the road.

A company spokesman says their road service volume today is 50% higher than a typical Wednesday.

Wednesday night the city of Cleveland released a press release stating they are still working to plow and service residential streets. They also stated that they are watching the weather, as always, and will work to clear the main streets if necessary overnight.

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