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Your Week in Viral Videos: Look before you cross the runway

(RNN) – It seems parents will have to warn their children to stay out of the middle of airplane landing strips in addition to warning them about playing in the middle of the road.

One woman had a close encounter with an airplane that nearly landed on top of both her and her friend, but thankfully, they survived – as well as the video.

So the moral of the story here, kids, is don't play chicken with airplanes. And if you do, have the common sense to pull out a video camera.


If you care about pointless, politically related "news" like Beyonce's lip synching and Rand Paul taking shots at an outgoing secretary of state, then you'll love this.

Michelle Obama's reaction to the comments of House Speaker John Boehner at an inauguration dinner may or may not have conveyed her disdain for whatever he said (or Boehner himself).

But one thing is for sure. The speculation that followed whatever was said at that table was no less than entertaining.


It's understandable that an athlete traveling halfway across the country to compete in a wrestling match in Madison Square Garden would be intimidated by the bright lights of the moment.

Well, if you literally have to battle the lights, then it gets more serious.

A light fixture from the ceiling fell on a wrestler from South Dakota, and amazingly, he didn't suffer from burns, broken bones or heckling from Spike Lee.


We'll go ahead and give you a hint: No. LeBron James definitely does not have a music career to fall back on once he's done in the NBA.

But at least his singing did two good things. It helped out a foundation led by fellow NBA player Shane Battier and his wife, and it made one fan's day.

As long as we don't have to suffer through this type of torture too often, we'll be good.


Role player extraordinaire Brian Scalabrine – a player not quite as revered as James or Wade – has taken constant ribbing from fans for his mediocrity, and that hasn't stopped now that he is retired.

So he held an open competition to play 1-on-1, and picked four finalists to compete against him.

It's quite a long video, so we'll just ruin the suspense. The guys off the street scored a combined – combined – six points in games played to 11. We're pretty sure you can do the rest of the math.


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