Snow Covered Painesville Gets Ready for Wet Week Ahead

PAINESVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Dave Edwards drove in from Fairport Harbor just to check out the view. He wanted to see how frozen the Grand River was.

It's a good thing he came now because this snow and ice won't be here for long.

"Up and down. That's not normal for the winter," said Edwards.

Temperatures are expected to hit close to 60 by midweek. Those living along the river already getting prepared.

"We had a call this morning about a sump pump. Everybody is concerned about that," Mary Pat Crim told us at True Value in Painesville.

What you see on the ground amounts to about one inch of water. Add that to the two inches of water we're expecting over the next couple of days, and you'll have some serious flooding concerns especially along the lake.

"I've got a basement in my home, and they'll be some flooding, so I'm worried. You don't have a sump pump? No, I don't have a sump pump. I'll just pray to God that he'll be with us," said Neal McArthur of Painesville Township.

Flooding is something the people in this area know all too well.  Just next to the river is a vacant piece of land with a scenic view.  The lot used to be filled with town homes.  Every one of them is gone now - demolished because they were destroyed by a flood. Nothing near that predicted now, but just enough to keep everyone on guard.

"You're going to see a little flooding. I don't think anything to get excited about, but there will be a little bit. Nothing we're not used to!" adds Edwards.

When the water does rise, they'll be ready.

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