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Holland PD catches thieves with Facebook

HOLLAND, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Holland Police Department is mixing humor and policing together through their new Facebook page.

Their page has only been up since late September, but has already proved useful.

Sgt. Todd Shelton, the man behind the page, has only posted a limited number of pictures of people who were wanted for crimes - at least one crime has been solved a result.

"Usually theft crimes," Sgt. Shelton said. "Mostly you see Walmart on there, Menard's, places like that. You get an unknown person on video stealing from the store…so, you put it out on the Internet…Millions of people could potentially see that and you get lucky, somebody knows the person, they call here."

Shelton even took a 2-day class on how to use social media to benefit the public. He hopes the page will be used for more than just updates, but as a way for the public to request help and post tips.

"The public, in general, likes to see what's going on within the police department," he said. "Plus…they can actually contact us through [Facebook]. It's more convenient for them and I can get back to them in a fairly decent amount of time."

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