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43 Forum: Re-opening an aviation academy

The famed Tuskegee Airmen were commanded by General Ben O. Davis from Cleveland.            A school of aviation was named for him. It sits empty now on North Marginal road, near Burke Lakefront Airport.

There is a movement to once again have a training facility there to teach young people how to fly.  Harry Boomer hosts a 43 Forum discussion with Steven Murray, headmaster of University School and Cleveland City councilman Jeff Johnson about their vision to user in a new era in aviation at the Davis aerospace and maritime academy.

When it comes to learning to fly, there is excitement among our youth. When there's excitement about a topic, there's learning opportunity.

Steve Murray and Jeff Johnson along with others are working hard to open the Davis Aerospace and Maritime Academy, and the Young Eagles Program for ages 8-17.

Re-opening this academy is seen as a chance to provide and re-invigorate interest in aerospace for youth to work with members of the North Coast Chapter of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, and eventually the chance to co-pilot flights over downtown Cleveland.

Due to black history month through a couple of well received movies, the stories of heroic feats and military accomplishments of Tuskegee airmen commanded by General Ben O. Davis are regaining attention.  

Harry Boomer speaks with writer, director, and actor Layon Gray and founding member Ananias Dixon, of the ensemble The Black Gents regarding their latest award winning off Broadway play Black Angels Over Tuskegee.

For ticket information -  call 216-579-9487 or visit www.clevelandareospaceacademy.org

These interviews and more can be viewed online through Harry Boomer's 43 Forum.

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