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Editorial: Art Modell - Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame?

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Well, this is a tough week to be a Browns fan.  Not only will the team's players be sitting at home watching the Super Bowl like the rest of us -- the team they replaced, the Baltimore Ravens will be on the field, competing for the ultimate sports trophy.

And, if that isn't enough salt in your wounds, the NFL's Hall of Fame selection committee will soon announce the latest inductees and up for consideration, the man many Browns fans have come to love to hate: Art Modell.

A Baltimore columnist with the unimprovable name of Peter Schmuck is strongly endorsing Modell's induction. And it's true, Modell's enshrinement also has the backing of the great Jim Brown.

But facts are facts. In the 34 years under Modell's ownership, the Browns won only one league championship with a team constructed largely by the legendary coach he fired -- Paul Brown.

Yes, he was an NFL owner who owned a team, moved the team and broke the hearts of a city.  How does that qualify anyone for induction in any hall of fame?

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