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19 Action News Investigation: water dept. managers punished


We've learned of new fallout from a 19 Action News investigation exposing a security gap at a Cleveland water plant.

Two top managers have been disciplined.

Last September 11, we walked around the Kirtland Water Plant Complex.

An electronic gate had been left open with no guard there, an electronic gate malfunctioning.

Now the water department says security manager William Tell was suspended for three days.

And the interim water commissioner Alex Margevicius received a letter of reprimand.  Records show both bosses knew the gate had been broken since June.

A spokesman wouldn't go into specifics about the discipline, instead he spoke of sending a message. Jason Wood said, "The people who are ultimately responsible for the safety and security of our facilities need to be accountable for that…the kind of breakdown we had at Kirtland won't be tolerated in the future."

The gate has since been fixed. A total review of security also found some security cameras not working

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