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Volunteers help rescue vet's belongings from demolition

Larry Modic's home Larry Modic's home
condemned sign on Larry Modic's home condemned sign on Larry Modic's home

In the snow it's slippery and hard work on any day, let alone one so cold but helping a veteran move out of his dream house before the city boards it up and demolishes it was work many volunteers were willing to do.

"Currently I have nothing to leave my children or grand children" said Larry Modic.

The house on Manchester Road in Akron's Kenmore neighborhood was a dream house to Modic.

"They're lost dreams now is what they are," said Modic.

The veteran was going to fix up and leave it to his grand kids and family.

"This house and property would have been a fantastic deal for them," said Modic.

Several dozen people came help Larry who says he was duped into buying a house that was condemned.

"I had no idea", said the veteran.

After a lengthy battle with the city of Akron about leaving the condemned house, Larry got two hours to get his things and get out.  His lawyer wasn't happy about the time limit.

Volunteers showed up late, the move went slow and police had to pull the plug on the move. 

However when Akron's police chief saw the good faith effort strangers were putting in to help Larry, the chief got on the phone and got Larry the extra time.

"We're following the rules and regulations of the city but I'd like to be as helpful to Mr. Modic as possible" said Chief James Nice.

State Rep. Zack Milkovich is also helping Larry not only with storage but donating a thousand dollars toward a new house.

 "When people go out of their way, to help me it does my heart good you know" said Modic.

If you're interested in helping, Larry's friends and Milkovich say you can go to SaveLarrysHouse.com

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