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TIMELINE: The history of Findlay Market


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Findlay Market has been a staple in Cincinnati history since 1852 and is Ohio's oldest continuously operating market.

James Findlay came to the Queen City on horse with his new bride, Janie, and opened a store on the river.

Findlay was a General in the War of 1812, served as Cincinnati Mayor and owned a large piece of property at the end of town. He left in his will that the plot of land would be set aside for a market house, thus Findlay Market was created.

When visiting shop in OTR, the history of the marketplace can be found right under your feet! In 2002, David Day and his wife Barbara were commissioned to create a mosaic for Findlay Market's 150th anniversary, representing the developmental milestones that has made the market what it is today.

Although the market has grown tremendously over the years, some things haven't changed.

Findlay Market has always had both an indoor and outdoor component. Inside was used for meats and cheeses while visitors could purchase flowers and produce outside.

The iron girders which hold up the roof are the originals and were considered to be unusual as iron was reserved for bridges, not buildings.

Findlay Market first appealed to the large German immigrant population that resided in Cincinnati, but once grocery stores began to open, the market had such a loyal following that the business was not threatened.

Fierce loyalty and a strong foundation - those Cincinnati traits which make us proud are why Findlay Market continues to thrive.

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