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Browns fans watch Ravens win again

The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl champions - again.  It's the second time since the old Browns moved from Cleveland to Baltimore that the Ravens have hoisted the Lombardi trophy.  The first championship the Ravens won really hurt Browns fans, but how about now, all these years later, does it still sting?

"I was kind of hoping for the 49ers at the end of the game," said Browns fan Mike Derrick. "But I don't think of them as the old Browns, it's just that they are in our division, they're our enemies."

"As a Clevelander, it was tough to watch," said Caitlin McDermott. "But that was good competition so they deserve the victory, you have to give in to the sportsmanship of it and say they deserved it."

What bothers some Browns fans is the thought that if the team had stayed in Cleveland, it very well may have been the Browns winning those championships.  But that's a stretch, at least according to Browns fan Zach Christy.

"I think that's a tough correlation to make, different coaches, different players, in a different city, I am not sure it would have been the Browns," said Christy.

At this point, Browns fans are most likely over rooting against the Ravens, what they really want is a decent team to root for in Cleveland. 

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