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Z files: Thoughts on the Tribe as they head to Arizona

Thoughts on the Tribe as they head to Arizona...

Pitchers and catchers! One of my favorite phrases in life, as the Indians head to Goodyear on Sunday, and the rest of the team catches up a few days later. Hope springs eternal, even in the smaller baseball markets, because for now, we can dream....that Masterson is an ace, Ubaldo is coachable, and Bauer is worthy of being the third-overall pick in the draft.

But not everything's a mystery. We do know this: the bullpen is solid, if not elite...the outfield is better, now that Swisher and Stubbs have joined Brantley...and Mark Reynolds will not only provide some pop in the lineup, he'll actually STAY in the lineup, and off the DL.

As for the biggest acquisition of 'em all, Terry Francona knows how and when to push the buttons, and that matters in the marathon-season of Major League Baseball. Nobody's expecting a pennant, because let's face it, even if the Indians are 20 wins better than they were a year ago, they'd still be 88-74, not good enough to topple the Tigers. They would be entertaining, however, and in the mix throughout. That's something they couldn't say a year ago.

19 Action News will be with the Indians at Spring Training the week of February 18th.  Catch our reports from Goodyear, Arizona!

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