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New Weapon Lead Some Officers Into Chase

 We've found a couple of Cleveland officers got involved in a massive chase that turned deadly because of a new weapon carried in some cars.

 The officers carried assault rifles, also called patrol rifles. We reported last year that city police bought 100 of the rifles for officers to have when encountering an "active shooter" in a building or a hostage situation.

 Last November, Timothy Russell lead police on a 22 minute chase across town after officers reported hearing a shot from the car and seeing a gun. The state Attorney General has said 62 police cars chased, and 59 did not ask for permission.

The officers with the rifles joined the chase, not to stop the car, but in case they'd be needed since things kept unfolding across town.

 In the end, 13 officers shot Russell and his passenger, and no gun was ever found in the car. A grand jury will review the evidence of what happened, and the city is doing its own internal review.

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