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Tribe Gets Dice-K, Giambi. Sweet! No Thanks!


          It happens every year. The Indians sign a series of players to minor league contracts to bring to Spring Training. Inevitably, some of these names raise eyebrows. It always made me a little bonkers when some fans would scream and yell "If they think that guy is going to (fill in the blank) they're out of their minds and cheap!" They read it like the team is signing the player to be a starter. A minor league contract is a lottery ticket. If he's good, you keep the player. If he stinks, cut him. No strings attached. I usually love these types of moves because the team is in a no-lose situation.

          Enter Jason Giambi. This makes no sense at all. He batted .225 in hitter-friendly Coors Field (I won't say he hit .225, because he didn't hit at all). He hit one home run. The guy is done. Send him off the glue factory. Giambi can not win a job and the Indians can only waste their time. Perhaps the guy gets cut before St. Pat's Day and my complaint is all for naught. We can sit around, drink green beer and reflect on the Giambi Era (I think I misspelled error). This is a waste of time. Giambi is 42. He's a graybeard. I don't mean that metaphorically, I mean the man literally has gray in his beard! Don't believe me? Click this and see for yourself.

          See? What is the point of this? I'm all for the Dice-K move. He's a veteran, Francona knows him, roll the… well… Dice. He was 1-7 a year ago with an ERA of 8.28. I'd say at least Ubaldo will have company, but if Matsuzaka pulls that off he won't be around to buddy up with the U. He'll be cut, and we can all move on. That's the beauty of a minor league deal.

          Minor league signings are some of my favorite things to watch in the off season because they offer the most bang for your buck.  In the case of Giambi though, I feel like it'll be "Dang, that was a bust."


Mark Schwab, Sports Anchor/Reporter

Twitter: @MarkSchwab


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