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Catholics stunned by Pope's resignation


Pope Benedict's resignation stunned Catholics worldwide, and those at Mass Morning morning at St. Luke's Catholic Church in Lakewood. 

"I think we're all in shock, it's just not something we've ever experienced before. He was a good Holy Father so I pray for him," said Sister Mariann Durkin as she left Mass.

It is not something we've seen, Pope Benedict XVI becomes the first pope to resign since Pope Gregory XII, about six hundred years ago.

"It's that time in his life when he's not well, has other problems he must take care of, he's doing what he feels is best for the church," said St. Luke's parishioner George Donnelly.

Father Edward Luca, a retired priest, who helps out parishes in the area, said the Monday morning Mass at St. Luke's and he spoke of the great courage, he feels it took for the Pope Benedict to resign.

"I admire the Holy Father tremendously for the courage that it must have taken to come to such a decision in his life, in other words, anyone we know with power finds it very difficult to give up," said Father Luca.

And now Catholics here in Cleveland and worldwide will follow closely as the church looks for a new spiritual leader.

"We've had wonderful popes for the last eighty years, every single one of them, I hope we get another one that is equally worthy," said St. Luke's parishioner Joan Donnelly.

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