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CPD has the support of city council

The Cleveland City Council is standing behind the Cleveland police department.

In a controversial vote, they're supporting the chief and the mayor after fallout from the deadly police chase.

Tonight the city council presented this emergency resolution, defending the police department's top brass' decisions made during last November's deadly police chase.

City council is supporting the neutrality the police chief, safety director and the mayor have all shown.

They agree that in the fatal shootings and chase, the top brass needed to be non-biased and are showing prudence in waiting for all the facts to come in-- despite the Attorney General's scathing report.

"Now everyone needs to slow down.  No one was there but those officers and some other individuals. Let's look at it, evaluate it, let's let the professional do their job and what they have to do. I agree with the mayor, than let the chips fall where they may," said Councilman Zack Reed.

The resolution will take a two thirds vote to pass from council members.

And they believe they have those votes.

So as the police union is asking for the heads of the top brass, city council is saying no way.

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