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Girls with guns: Women learning to defend themselves

Sherwin Shooting Sports owner Leah Frederick Sherwin Shooting Sports owner Leah Frederick

Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but now guns are becoming more popular with women.

More and more women are learning how to pick up pistols for protection. "If your home alone and your husband travels I think it's good to know how to protect yourself," says Almast Finn.

Finn says she has no problem firing a gun. She enjoys target shooting to brush up on her skills at Sherwin Shooting Sports in Eastlake.

Kim Bender is new to it all.  She's learning how to shoot for safety. "Being a single mom and home alone I started trying to shoot. I'm going to take my class in April, looking forward to it. It's only about the third time I've been shooting now," explains Bender.

Sherwin Shooting Sports owner Leah Frederick stays busy teaching new shooter orientation classes, half women half men. The 2-hour session includes learning about the proper and safe ways to fire a gun, range practice, targets, and rental of a fire arm.

Leah's husband Blake says more women are flocking to their store. "Big increase in the number of women who are learning to shoot, getting concealed carry permit, or purchasing firearms," says Blake Frederick.

According to a survey last year by the "National Shooting Sports Foundation" more than 70-percent of gun dealers say their number of female customers has gone up, and continues to grow.

"Just feels good when you can hit the target and stuff like that it's empowering, says Bender.

Women shooters are so popular Sherwin Shooting Sports has a ladies night every Friday where they charge ten bucks for gals to fire away.

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