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Catching cheaters: now a hi-tech chase

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Plenty of heartbreak around Valentine's Day, and we've found tracking cheaters keeps getting more and more hi-tech.

Think of all you can do now with a phone, or a computer, constantly new ways to hide.

Paul Baeppler is a police officer who runs his own private eye firm, Integrity Investigations. He says, "They're using different kinds of communication. Maybe, the same ones your kids are using."

Baeppler considers cheaters to be similar to drug dealers--slick at hiding on the phone and the computer. It's all very challenging for the private eye to stay ahead of it all.

Some cheaters use snap chat.

"Snap chat, you communicate with someone. You can send a message, within 4 seconds it disappears.  I have a tech guy on board that tries to stay ahead of all this stuff," said Baeppler.

In the end though, catching cheaters often still takes good 'ole detective work like GPS tracking.

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