Bosh Over Kyrie? Lame!

Bosh Over Kyrie? Lame!

Miami Heat coach Eric Spoelstra has officially named Chris Bosh as the guy that will start in place of injured Rajon Rondo in the All Star Game. He'll slide LeBron to point guard and play Bosh at forward. It had been wondered if Kyrie Irving would get the nod because, you know, he's a point guard. But logic be damned, Spoelstra wanted to reward his guy Bosh. Lame!

Right away a Heat fan, or LeBron zealot (you know the Cavaliers/Dan Gilbert-hating, LeBron pajama-wearing nimrod I speak of), will tell me it's sour grapes. It's not sour grapes. It's common sense!

First, Irving is having a better year than Bosh and is doing it as a marked man for the other team every night. Bosh is the third option and coattails off of LeBron and Wade. Excuse me for not being impressed with his 17 points a game.

Second, Irving is a point guard. Play him for the injured point guard. Duh. Don't tell me "It's the All Star Game, it doesn't matter". The All Star Game already stinks. Don't make it worse by putting four forwards in the starting lineup. LeBron, Bosh, Garnett and Melo will join D-Wade. Stupid!

Third, and most importantly, what exactly are NBA fans gaining by getting to see Bosh play with Wade and LeBron in the starting lineup? We only see that about 50 times a year when Miami is on national TV! What a gloriously stupid concept.  Thank you, Miami Heat Coach for making the East look like the Miami Heat line up! This is the kind of thing a 12 year old playing NBA Live thinks is cool. The rest of us are just thinking "really?"

Here's where I'll hear "Spoelstra has that right." Correct. Everybody has a right to be an idiot. The rest of us also have a right to point it out. If you weren't going to start Irving, start Jrue Holiday. He's not better than Irving, but at least he's a guard and the East wouldn't look like the Miami Heat, with guest stars Melo and KG.

Enjoy the All Star Game! Kobe and the West will take on the Miami Heat, and a few other guys. It'll be background noise for me.