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Vendors at West Side Market work around the clock

Vendors are ready for customers Vendors are ready for customers

Vendors at the West Side Market have been working around the clock getting ready for their big opening today.

Andrew Dionne of Dionne's Meats worked long hard hours Sunday filling his stands full of fresh meats.  "We're getting everything in a row, ducks and everything," said an exhausted Dionne.

A fire forced the city to close the Market for several weeks. Vendors are now hoping for a big crowd to help recover some of their losses.

"We're going to be fully stocked and we've got enough employees in here, I'm excited yeah," said Kate McIntyre of Kate's Fish.

It's been a lot of work filling up bare counters and cases and just about every worker inside is ready to see the fruit of their labor.

"The stands have never been cleaner. The market is beautiful. It's just very exciting so there is a silver lining out of this fire," said McIntyre.

The place has been scrubbed, cleaned and sanitized from floor to ceiling. City health inspectors have gone over it with a fine tooth comb, making sure everything inside is safe to eat.

Over the last century the iconic West Side Market clock tower has invited millions inside for its one of a kind shopping experience. Even President Obama stopped in for its 100th Birthday Celebration this past fall. Now along with the freshest of foods, shoppers and visitors get a fresh coat of paint.

"I think anybody needs to get down and see how beautiful the inside of the market is now." said Tom Szoradi, the Chef of the West Side Market Café.

The West Side Market Café which has been serving its tasty dishes throughout the cleanup was the place to catch a peek of all the progress.

"It's shinny, it's sparkling, it looks awesome. I'm really excited for this to open back up," said Mary Deitrick a customer from the Warehouse District.

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