How To Fix The Dunk Contest

How To Fix The Dunk Contest

How does the NBA not see what we see? They are embarrassing themselves with the Slam Dunk Contest. This won't be a piece on why it's bad because we all know why it's bad. Star players don't do it and the scrubs that do miss more dunks than they make. It's awful television and can be painful to watch.

What's more amazing to me is that the league hasn't figured out they need to fix it. Just check any Twitter or Facebook feed last night and you'll see zero praise for the Dunk Contest. You will see plenty of people bashing it.

There is an easy fix to this. Tell the good players they have to do it and have the fans vote on which ones participate. Why not? They tell the players they have to play in the All Star Game if they're voted in, why would this be different? The league could control which stars are on the list that fans are voting on. That would spare the same players from having to do it every year and spare us from watching the same handful of guys all the time. There are enough stars to make for memorable nights every year.

I remember when he was here the only reason I ever heard why LeBron wouldn't do it was because he had nothing to gain. If he won, they'd say he was supposed to. If he lost, he'd lose face. That is asinine. Michael Jordan lost a dunk contest.  Julius Irving lost two. In one of them he didn't even make the finals and finished behind some guy named Terrance Stanbury.

The Three Point Contest has far surpassed the Dunk Contest in watchability and drama. There is no drama in watching a no-name bench guy spend 90 seconds clunking dunks. It's terrible for the players, the league and the fans. It's sad that the NBA won't fix it. Instead, they keep telling us how great it is. I mean, there's a Sprite logo attached to it. Why can't we see the excitement?!?