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Security officer turned attacker


Just days after reports of cop impersonators comes another disturbing story of an attacker who actually works as a security guard.

Maple Heights Police say that a tenable security officer, Thornton Guinea handcuffed a homeowner to a shelf in the basement of his home. 

Investigators believe that Guinea did this after paying a woman for sex in the home, putting on his uniform, pulling out a gun and taking his money back from her. 

It's reported that after Guinea took his money then took off in his car.

"He was saying he was a hit man. I don't know, it was concerning somebody else who thought I had something to do with their situation. They had trouble with the police. I don't know anything about it," said the homeowner. "I was just shocked. Never been robbed."

The homeowner told 19 Action News Ed Gallek that Guinea actually led him through the house at gunpoint.

"I just didn't know what to think.  I didn't know if he was gonna kill me or what."

We made multiple trips to the security company to find out about Guinea but only got the brush off.

Maple Heights police say they ultimately found Guinea in a stolen car out in Wakeman, Ohio.

He now sits in jail--facing charges and getting a psych evaluation.

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