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West Side Market reopens and shoppers didn't disappoint

The West Side Market The West Side Market

Hundreds turned out for the re-opening of Cleveland's 100 year-old market and vendors couldn't be happier.

"I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the heck out of it. It was great," said a very tired Mark Zarefoss, owner of Jim's Meats in the West Side Market.

The re-opening of the Market was so busy Mark and Minnie Zarefoss sold out of everything they had.

"Today was like a Saturday. Most Mondays do not have the volume of people that came through today," said Minnie.

There were a lot of repeat customers but some for the first time ever. Many came because they know it's been hard for the vendors to be closed, out of work for three weeks.

"There were many customers too that when we went to give them change they didn't want their change. They said keep that for your family," explained a relieved Minnie.

Remember a lot these stands are family owned and run. In the case of Mark and Minnie they had no income for three weeks and didn't know when the market would re-open. Needless to say, Monday's open for business was much needed.

"We made it through that together," said Minnie as she teared up. "Not a lot of couples can do that but if Mark was feeling bad I tried to lift him up. If I was feeling bad he'd try to lift me up."

The West Side Market has been closed since the fire that occurred on January 30, 2013.

If you would like to donate to help these vendors you can do so by clicking here www.marketvendorrelief.org .

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