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Union vote means more jobs are coming to Brook Park's Ford plant

Ford Brook Park plant union vote Ford Brook Park plant union vote

The members of the Ford UAW Local 1250 in Brook Park voted Monday night  for a new contract, and it narrowly passed.

The vote insures new jobs to greater Cleveland when they add a second engine.

There was steady flow outside the Ford Union Hall. "They need to bring more jobs back over here," said one union member.

Sandy Artman believes a new contract with the company is a guarantee more jobs will come the Brook Park plant.

"Let's hope, so I am hoping for that," says Artman.

The Brook Park plant makes the popular EcoBoost 6 cylinder engine and the company's plan is to expand to a four cylinder.

"What that means is additional work and for 700 of our people it will almost double our population," says Mike Gammelia, UAW Local 1250 President.

Even though three sites already closed and the foundry has been demolished.  

Not everyone is pleased with a passing contract.

"The building is down to one plant they don't even know if that is going to last," said Timothy Williams.

But union negotiators say this is a win win for everyone.

"It's a ripple effect from everything to they dry cleaners to the butcher, baker, the candlestick maker -- it will mean more money in the economy," said Gammelia.

And for Philip Santiago, while he has concerns for this new contract he knows a passing it means he gets to keep his job.

"You've got too many people out on the streets looking for jobs and stuff," says Santiago.

The 700 hundred new jobs are expected to be added in August of 2014. 

Ford has sold more than 1/2 million EcoBoost cars and many of those engines come from this plant in Brook Park.

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