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Local & Loving' It: Twinsburg's Cup Caked

Toasted coconut cupcake from Twinsburg's Cup Caked Toasted coconut cupcake from Twinsburg's Cup Caked

Cup cakes are one of the hottest crazes in the food industry. With shows like "Cup Cake Wars" and "DC cupcakes", these baking boutiques are opening all across the nation, including in Twinsburg.

Sherry Taylor, recently opened her bakery, cup caked!

her sweet tooth was piqued after discovering she had talent for these tasty treats, after  doing parties for her daughter and her friends, she decided to turn up the heat on her passion.

"I lost my job at the hardware store that closed here in town and I just couldn't find a job I liked after that so I decided, why not take the plunge and go for it," said Taylor.

And cup caked does not disappoint. All of the cupcakes are baked in house, from Taylor's own recipes.

"I have six flavors everyday, and then I do a daily flavor, and then I'm gonna do 3 monthly flavors," said Taylor.

In addition to buying your baked goods, cupcakers can hang out with friends, and chat over a cup of coffee.

But if cupcakes aren't your cup of tea. 


"We do cookies, we do cinnamon treats, we do brownies, we do a muffin a day, and we are also going to do milkshakes," said Taylor.

Locals seems to love this place.

And customers come back for seconds.

"Delicious, moist and yummy!" exclaimed one customer. 
Cup caked also has room to host birthday parties, where the kids can decorate their own cupcakes to take home with them. Taylor is also starting to cater large orders, like weddings and showers.
If you are wondering what makes her cupcakes so special, Taylor shared her secret with us.

"My frosting I believe is the best out there," said Taylor. "So, I spend a lot of time making sure that it is light and fluffy, and that it is not too sweet so that people want to eat more than one."

Like many small business owners, Taylor cares about her community and hopes to get Northeast Ohio crazy about cup cakes.

They're local, and we're loving it.

"When I worked at the hardware store, I loved the people that came in missed being in the community and talking to the people I saw everyday. And now those customers who knew me from there find out I'm here and are coming back. So I get to see the same familiar faces, say hello and see everyone again," said Taylor.

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