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Editorial response: Cindy Jones

Cindy Jones Cindy Jones
(WOIO) -

I am Cindy Jones responding to Bill Applegate's editorial on the Amish beard cutting. 

In my opinion, Sam Mullet's sentence was not overly punitive and should not be compared to a rape sentence. Sam Mullet and his followers are terrorists.  The acts of these men should not be compared to the act of rape and their sentence was not extreme.

These men, especially Mr. Mullet, have systematically used fear and power to intimidate the people in their Amish community, a private religious sect that is considered to be a peaceful culture.

These actions are the tactics of religious terrorism like Charles Manson and Jim Jones used in their community.  Mr. Mullet did abuse his followers and used scare tactics to disrupt and intimidate a peaceful community. 

Although I do not feel Mr. Mullet trampled the constitution, he did terrorize the people of this religious sect.  In my personal opinion, Mr. Mullet and his followers should have been tried as terrorists. 

Thank you.  

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