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Camilia Terry: Did she know right from wrong?

Camilia Terry in court, accused of murdering her son. Camilia Terry in court, accused of murdering her son.
Emilliano Terry Emilliano Terry

One could say Camilia Terry is becoming a "jailhouse lawyer."

She has two attorneys but on her own, she's asking for a psych exam and medical treatment.

19 Action News has taken you inside the jail cell block where Camilia Terry sits--waiting for trial, accused of killing her own toddler then throwing him in the trash.

Now Terry wants the court to order doctors to look inside her mind. She's asking for a psychiatric exam.

Think about it -- this mom is raising her own questions about her state of mind.

She filed court papers with flowery legal language, but in short is asking a doctor to tell her if she could tell the difference between right and wrong on the date her little boy died.

And if she did do it, can doctors tell if she knew she was doing a wrongful act?

You may remember last year, Terry wrote 19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek a letter saying she didn't hurt her little boy and complaining that no one had done enough to help her with him.

Now this, in fact she's even asking for medical attention saying she's complained to the jail medical staff about "existing pelvic groin pain."

Oddly just yesterday, on February 20th, her lawyers and Cuyahoga County prosecutors had a meeting about her case.

Check back with 19 Action News to find out what are they saying about this?

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