Love this lineup!

Love this lineup!

Did you see the lineup for Friday's game against the Reds?

CF Bourn
SS Cabrera
2B Kipnis
1B Swisher
LF Brantley
C Santana
DH Reynolds
3B Chisenhall
RF Stubbs

That's a lineup! Brantley batting fifth is a bit of a surprise, but I don't care, Francona knows what he's doing and has his reasons. Chisenhall batting eighth is great. He'll provide some pop in the bottom of the order, I'd be surprised if Reynolds was as low as seventh all year. Stubbs ninth? Sweet. Speed at the bottom of the order, if he gets on it's like having a second lead off hitter when you go back to the top of the card.

My guess is that this is close to what the Opening Day lineup will be, it might be exactly what Francona wants to do. Injuries could change it too. It would be nice to avoid those for once.

That is a line up you can compete with. Go get 'em boys.