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How might Americans be impacted by more budget cuts?

Khaled Williams Khaled Williams

In seven days budget cuts will kick in. The President says teachers could be fired, emergency workers will be pulled back, and the wait at airports will be longer but is this just scare tactics? Or will you really be feeling the pain?  "It's been a struggle a little bit," says Khaled Williams.

Williams is looking for a new job. The 30-year-old says in the past few months he's sent out at least 60 resumes. It has gotten him five interviews including one at GMAC Insurance in Cleveland.  The company held a job fair Thursday and is looking to hire several sales agents.

"I hope they actually give me a chance.  I would rather get a phone call from them than bill collectors," explains Williams.

While GMAC and other companies across the country may be hiring, there could be big federal budget cuts nationwide. The cuts may include millions of dollars to food safety programs that would increase chicken and beef costs and possibly create a shortage.

The cuts also may mean longer lines at the airport.  Federal agencies handling airport security may face worker furloughs, and shrinking unemployment benefits that could affect nearly 4 million Americans.

"If they're cutting it away from us, the people that really need it, where is all that money going?" asks Williams.

Many on Capitol Hill see this as a game of chicken, with your money. Former Republican Congressman Jim Nussle, who helped pass four balanced budgets says Washington is doing this to itself.  "All of this is kind of compounding ya know, about every month there's another crisis, that's manufactured by the President and the Congress. And that's no way to run an operation," says Nussle.

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