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Thoughts on the NFL Scouting Combine

Cleveland (WOIO) - Twenty years ago, the Scouting Combine was a quiet event. Barely talked about, and important only to those players who needed one final push to make an impact for NFL teams. Nowadays, it's Must See TV, televised by the NFL Network, with hundreds of journalists, hundreds of players, and thousands, yes thousands, of agents.

And what will we learn about these prospects, over a weekend of poking and prodding? Well, we'll learn that there's no limit to how many times Manti Te'o can be questioned about the girlfriend hoax. We'll be reminded that the Wonderlic test is not a true barometer of success on the field. And we'll meet another "built like Tarzan, plays like Jane" player....we just won't know it yet. Not until next Fall.

But, such is life in 2013. It's all NFL, all the time. Once the Super Bowl's over, we immediately turn to the Combine. But hurry up, guys. Free Agency kicks off on March 12th!

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