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Brandywine Falls could be hurt by sequestration


If sequestration happens, all federal agencies will be effected.  One local example is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where cuts will cascade like the water over Brandywine Falls.

Whether it be the power of the falls, the tranquility of a river scene, or just a walk in the park the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a true community asset.

But sequestration has already meant changes, even before the Friday deadline. A hiring freeze is in place and the National Parks Spokesperson Mary Pat Doorley says "that's just the beginning". 

"That may require some furloughs that may require some later starts.  Each program is evaluated that way.  The final thing that will happen is permanent staff to be furloughed."

Chris and Chad Saladin regularly document the habits and progress of peregrine falcon's here, they have strong feelings.

"They're getting close to nesting so their in the closer trees a little bit sometimes when we're out there.  Not to be political but do you wish this thing would just get settled..  Absolutely, one way or the other yeah.  We don't want to see any cuts to the national parks.  We go to a lot of the national parks."

For bikers, hikers and nature lovers like the Saladin's all agree, sequestration's effects on national parks is for the birds. 

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