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Are gas prices driving you to look for a new ride?

The Byrne family hit the Cleveland Auto Show in search for a vehicle that saves them money at the pump.

"We've got four people driving in the house too. It would be nice to have something that got really good gas mileage that was much more fuel efficient," says Frank Byrne of Parma.

Frank's wife Alicia says she tired of giving her kids money to fill up the family minivan.

"Saving money and I want to spend my money on other things besides gas, explains Alicia Byrne.

Auto Show officials say fuel efficient vehicles are at the top of many shoppers list.

"Is it going to give us good fuel economy is it reliable. Are we getting a warrant? Those are the things people are asking for because a car ultimately is the second largest purchase a person makes versus their home," says President of the Cleveland Auto Show Lou Vitantonio.

We found several car makers with fuel efficient rides.

Chevy Cruise diesel vehicle gets 42-miles per gallon on the highway. It comes out this summer, and cost around $20,000.

Toyota Prius C Hybrid gets you 50-miles per gallon on the highway and starts at about $19,000.

Then there's the Ford C-Max Hybrid, 47-miles per gallon at nearly $30,000.

And finally the Honda Insight Hybrid, built in Marysville, Ohio, 42-miles per gallon and cost around $23,000.

As for the Byrne's their ready to put the brakes on their gas guzzler.

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