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Strongsville School Officials fear teacher strike will happen


As a result of Monday, February 25 negotiations and teacher demonstrations, the Strongsville City Schools Board of Education strongly believes that a teacher union strike is inevitable, according to David Frazee, board president.

"While we still have until midnight on March 3 to negotiate, the actions and negotiation tactics of the Strongsville Education Association (SEA) negotiation team as well as the menacing behavior of teachers at board member homes and the negotiation site lead us to believe that a strike is what the teachers' union desires," said Frazee.

"The board and I are extremely disappointed with the teachers' actions. Of course, we are still in negotiations and hope that a strike can be averted. The Board continues to negotiate in good faith. We presented a contract proposal that reflects the economic realities of these difficult fiscal times."

It was reported that the police had to be called to ensure the safety of the Board members and negotiation team.

Strongsville City Schools have installed "pay to play" cost savings measures and reduced expenditures. Expenditures in 2009 were $74,630,680 and were reduced to $67,240,464 in 2012, a decrease of $7,390,216.

If the Strongsville City Schools continued on its current path, projected deficits are $1,193,135 for 2014; $4,677,231 for 2015; and $10,863,811 for 2016.

In anticipation of a work stoppage, the Strongsville City Schools is planning for this eventuality.

"All of our efforts place the safety, security and education of our students first," said John Krupinski, school superintendent. "We will keep the community informed about meetings with our federal mediator as well."

Strongsville City Schools Board of Education posted a negotiations webpage with questions and answers as well as strike preparation plans;

The Strongsville City Schools Board of Education also seeks community input and welcomes your questions. As a part of this process, the board reminds the community to write to connect to the school board or visit our website

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