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Obama calls Brent Spence bridge "rotten" in press conference


President Barack Obama called the Brent Spence Bridge 'rotten' during a press conference on Friday.

Obama took questions from reporters after meeting with congressional leaders at the White House about the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts that go into effect Friday.

"Part of the challenge that we've had here is not only Congress, but I think Washington generally, spends all of its time talking about deficits and not a lot of time talking about how we're going to create jobs. I want to make sure we're talking about both," Obama said.

"We could put a lot of people back to work right now rebuilding our roads and bridges," he continued. "I went to a bridge that connects Mitch McConnell's state to John Boehner's state and it was a rotten bridge, and everybody knows it, and I'll bet they really want to see that improved.

"How do we do it? Let's have a conversation about it that will create jobs that will be good for businesses, reduce commuter times, improve commuter safety," he said. "That has to be part of this conversation, not just that constant argument about cutting and spending."

The meeting with congressional leaders on Friday yielded no immediate results.

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