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Bribe LeBron? It Won't Work

Magic Johnson has offered LeBron $1,000,000 if he wins an NBA Dunk Contest. It's gimmicky as heck and I love it. I've already offered one solution to fix the dunk contest, but Magic just came up with another one. Bribe guys. Straight cash homie, as Randy Moss would say. Pay the man, Shirley. It works for kids, right? Clean your room and I'll give you a candy bar. Consider the Dunk Contest Oscar Madison's bedroom and Felix just walked in with a 10-pack of 100-Grand Bars.

Sadly, this will not work. LeBron's earnings can probably grow by a million in the amount of time it takes him to get through his pregame nap. A million bucks is nothing to him.

What's really sad is that it's actually reached this point. An NBA Hall of Famer trying to bribe one of the game's greats to do something that he should be doing anyway. It's embarrassing for the game. David Stern is probably trying to get Bud Selig to fine the Dodgers owner. Good luck with that. The next time Selig gets tough with a player will be the first.

No, this offer will not be accepted. LeBron will continue to ignore the Dunk Contest and the event will continue it's slide into oblivion. Magic probably should save his cash anyway. Baseball players don't come cheap these days. Apparently bribes don't either. You're going to need a lot more than that.

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