It's All About The Mo... Respect! (No it's not)

It's All About The Mo... Respect! (No it's not)

As sports fans we hate it when players make it all about the money. Know what's worse? When they try to tell us it's not all about the money.

Joe Flacco just signed the biggest contract in NFL history. Hey Joe, what do you think about that?  "It wasn't necessarily about the money. It was, at that point, about earning that respect and feeling like I was respected around here," he said. Really? And how is it they showed their respect, Joe? Oh that's right, by giving you the biggest contract in NFL history! A wise man once told me, "Don't pee on my head and then tell me it's raining".

Albert Belle wanted the last dollar. Cool. At least the Indians knew where he stood on the issue before he ever hit free agency. Jim Thome spent two years pretending it wasn't about the money, then made it all about the money. Which departure hurt more? The one you didn't see coming. See? It was better for everybody when they are up front about it!

I understand why they do it. The players think they can't come off as greedy to Joe Lunch Bucket. They haven't realized that we already know most of them are greedy, even if they try to disguise their greed as some quest for respect.

There are exceptions to the rule. Not all guys take the last dollar, and those folks are appreciated.  I'd also appreciate it if those that want the last dollar stop pretending it's about something else.  We're not as dumb as you look.