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How do keep drivers with no licenses off the roads?


Councilman Zack Reed's arrest brings up an interesting problem for judges. How do you keep people with no licenses off the roads? Well without watching someone for 24 hours or jailing them, it is almost impossible.

A judge takes your license away or even your car. But if you've got set of keys or a friend with a car, no one can stop you.

19 Action News watched a man walking to his car after a judge just took his license away. He got in and begins to drive off.

"We were just up in the court when the judge took your drivers license away," asked Reporter Paul Orlousky.

"I gotta take the car home," said the driver.

He began to walk away, but within minutes, thinking we had left he drove off. A few days later we watched as he drove again.

"What I had to do, run an errand for my mother," said the same driver with no license.

After seeing this the judge sent him to prison.

In Parma Municipal Court one guy faced Judge Tim Gilligan on his 9th DUI. He hasn't had a license in years but drives anyway. How do you stop him.

"I wish I had that wisdom and that answer I don't have it," said Judge Tim Gilligan.

Judge Gilligan's office overlooks the court parking lot. He's seen people walk to their cars and drive off after losing licenses. He is frustrated that even the year and a half he gave this guy, the maximum sentence probably won't keep him off the roads.

"The only thing I accomplished was protecting people from him for 18 months. That's all I can do," said Judge Tim Gilligan.

Bottom line, unless someone faces up to their problem and acts responsibility there is nothing courts can do.

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