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Browns should spend. Now.

The Browns have over $40-million in salary cap space and this is wouldn't be a bad time to start spending. I'm not normally one to demand a big spending spree, but to me it makes sense right now for the Browns for two reasons.

First, because they don't have a second round pick they only have one impact pick, their first round selection. They can't change the club a lot through the draft. Secondly, they don't have to save their money to retain many of their players. The Browns are in the opposite place Cincinnati is. The Bengals have more cap space than the Browns, but have to deal with retaining their own players that are either up for free agency now, or will be soon. I can't see them using a ton of money on free agents from other teams. The Browns do not have that problem.

Joe Thomas has been locked up, they'll probably need to shell out some bucks for Joe Haden soon. Who else? Maybe Alex Mack? There isn't a franchise quarterback, running back or receiver. No premiere pass rusher or dynamic linebacker. Oh, they have some nice young players like Trent Richardson, Josh Gordon, Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard, but those guys aren't going to command big money for years. They're not even close to holding out.

The Browns have the flexibility and the need. The time to spend is now. They'll make the team better and the fans will love it. Give them an offseason of smiles, who knows, it might translate to a regular season of smiles.

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