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Local Catholics speak out about what they want in a new Pope

Dozens of Cardinals in Rome to vote on the next Pope celebrate mass at churches all over the city. Tuesday is the big day - when the 115 Cardinals will begin the process of deciding who will replace Pope Emeritus Benedict the 16th.

All eyes will be on the new chimney Vatican workers installed this weekend. Black smoke means no pope - yet. White smoke signals a decision has been made.

"I'm excited - It's really exciting. It's history!" says Jane Tougouma of Lakewood.

Catholics here are watching closely and know what they'd like to see in their new leader.

"I need him to be more progressive as far as his ideals, views and so forth," added Don Rogers of Cleveland.

"Strong leadership, as always, would be much appreciated - the strength to do the right thing and compassion and wisdom to the inclusion of all," says John Champ of Brecksville.

The Cardinals will vote four times a day everyday until someone gets enough votes to become the new Pope. Whoever is chosen will, no doubt, have many difficult issues to address.

(I hope) "They get over everything we went through, especially the sex scandal. It really turned a lot of people off about the Catholic faith," says Herbert Tougouma of Lakewood.

Some aren't so certain the choice will make a drastic difference.

"I don't think that it will affect my life and weekly prayers and faith or anything," says Joe Khabbaza.

But many say they hope the new Pope will be able to lead the church for a long time.

"I'm looking forward to seeing someone who is less than 80 to be elected as pope," says Tougouma emphatically.

"I pray for whoever it is everyday," adds Joan Jochum of Bratenahl.

Vatican watchers are saying there are so many candidates that it could be days before the white smoke is seen.

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