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Suspected cocaine dealers arrested by the FBI

19 Action News on the scene in Brooklyn 19 Action News on the scene in Brooklyn

The FBI executed five search warrants and arrested two men suspected of dealing cocaine on Wednesday morning.

The men, whom have yet to be charged, were arrested on probable cause of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine based on an investigation initiated in November 2012.  Federal charges will be filed Thursday in federal court.

"These two individuals purchased numerous kilos of cocaine, broke those kilos into grams and distributed to their customers throughout the Cleveland vicinity," said Stephen D. Anthony.  "The Northern Ohio Law Enforcement Task Force will work tirelessly to target and eliminate the most significant threats to our communities."

Five search warrants were executed Wednesday morning, and include four residences and a business.  

"Today's (Wednesday) events are another example of the FBI and local law enforcement working together to make our community safer," said Steven M. Dettelbach. 

"These arrests are a testament to the great results achieved when law enforcement agencies join together for the common goal of making our streets safe. Through our cooperative partnerships we will continue to make a positive impact in our communities and thwart the sale of illegal drugs in our neighborhoods," said Michael McGrath, Cleveland Chief of Police. 

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